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Teenage Waitress is the solo project from Southampton’s Daniel J. Ash. In Ash’s own words Teenage Waitress is a “ collection of other people’s stories set to what I hope are some instantly hummable tunes. Then once they feel pretty enough, I’ll drown it all out fuzzy, obnoxious guitars and synths that sound a bit poorly. And as for the Waitress? She’s just hearing these stories between picking up the dirty dishes. It's a good record for eavesdroppers”.

Teenage Waitress colourful debut LP ‘Love & Chemicals’ was released in December 2020 through Colorama Records to critical acclaim. CLASH music called it was a "musical highlight of 2020 (8/10)” whilst Louder Than War described it as "sounding like a record sent from the future...nothing short of genius”. With frequent airplay (BBC6, Radio X, BBC London) a recent feature in MOJO magazine, a blistering stage show and a second album of stories already on the way the future looks bright (and fuzzy) for Teenage Waitress.

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